Pure Performance PuTTing



GOLF HERRIA was born from the meeting of passionate people, GOLF HERRIA designs, develops, manufactures and assembles golf putters in the Basque Country (France).

Machined in partnership with specialists in the world of aeronautics, our products meet the same standards of quality, reliability and precision.

The shape and materials used for our putters give players a touch that is unequalled on the market and an INSTANT BALL ROLLING.

A unique sales concept: no pre-assembled products!

Each product is assembled after fitting, making it unique and adapted as closely as possible to the desires and needs of the player.

Although our putters are new to the golf scene, they have already found their way into the bags of many professionals.

Original, atypical shape (cylindrical), combining simplicity and high technology, source of unequalled sensations to date, this putter will not leave you indifferent ...

* Our putters have been declared compliant with the rules of golf by the "R&A" of St-Andrews.